17 January 2019

Dear Gavin Maistry & Suzuki Bramley,

I would like to take the time and write this letter to try to explain my happiness and shock in the service I received – in a very positive way shocked – shocked that people still want to do great business in a great awesome way,
Wow, I think Gavin is superhuman. I have dealt with a previous sales person from a different Suzuki and they are day and night apart. I almost changed my mind in buying Suzuki but luckily I met Gavin & Suzuki Bramley and from day one, I had a smile – Gavin is 100% professional, friendly, 100% knowledge of the brand and always on time with phone calls or e-mails feedback.
Gavin you are an amazing sales person that can teach salespeople how it's done, I know I am going to have a great Suzuki life.
Gavin, thank you, as far as I go I will always spread the great Suzuki way you have shown me.

Best Regards
Maria Samuel